I have always been experiencing cramps and blood clots during my menses. I have always been eating painkiller for the cramps and didn't really know that having blood clot during menses isn't normal. After one session, I can already see how effective it is and how it solve my cramps and blood clot issues. I experience no cramps and blood clot during my menses now! I don't even need to avoid cold drinks now! 

TCM for menstruation cramp


Easter Cupcakes

I used to always believe in a combination of diet and exercise for weight lost. Though I manage to loose my overall weight through this combination however I didn’t manage to slim down my arms, tummy and thigh.  

During one chance meeting with therapist Wendy, I discover cupping . Wendy is very patience and gentle during my first session. She explain every single process, experiences and food intake. The cupping was not painful and the environment is very cozy. I manage to loose inches and several kilogram after just 2-3 sessions. At the end of my 8 sessions, I am slimmer with flatter tummy, slimmer arm and the best part is I have thigh gap in the end. I strongly recommend cupping for slimming as it is an effective and safe slimming process.

TCM for signature slimming


Fashion in Pink

This slimming and cupping service is amazing! It helps me reach my goal weight in three months' time,end result was about 15kg in 16 sessions, total reduction of 52cm body measurement.. It also helps me adjusted life cycle with better quality of sleeping, build habits of drinking water regularly and eat healthy. It works very efficient on myslef , especially the parts of fats which normally exercise is difficult to lose. Most importantly is I don't need get sweaty during this treatment and nurturing my skin with the good quality essential oil Wendy selected. Really highly recommend and why wait?  Hurry up and give it a try!

TCM for signature slimming



I  started this programme 2 years ago with another service provider. With some interest in this area, I learnt the skill in China and started my home based for almost 2 years with numerous success clients. I was skeptical initially too, but it was proven that after 2 years, with proper diet, my weight is well managed. Theses years I have been suffering from bad menstruation cramp, to extend that MC is needed. With my TCM treatment, glad to share that I am really happy to dispose all pain killer and hope to introduce to those who suffers like the old me.

TCM for signature slimming



Girl Behind a Sheet

I find this slimming treatment very effective and detoxifying, losing all the weight I gained during pregnancy! Total 6.4kg and 34cm on my body in 10 sessions, 10% weight loss. Kudos to Wendy for her exceptionally good service! 

After the treatment, my appetite has reduced naturally and it helps me to keep fit! Highly recommended!

TCM for signature slimming


Sitting on Balcony

I lost 6kg after 8 sessions of the TCM Cupping therapy and the greatest part is that I do not have to do any exercise to lose that weight. This program is effective as it combines TCM cupping with a healthy diet plan. I believed cupping helps remove toxic and ‘damp’ in your body and it also helps increase your metabolism, all these factors are very crucial for successful weight lost. A healthy diet also helps in cleansing your body too.
Wendy is a dedicated therapist who will monitor my diet and progress to ensure I am on the right track.
I feel lighter and healthier now and my appetite has become smaller too. This is definitely a safe and healthy way of losing weight.


TCM for signature slimming

Ms Wong

Pink Lemon

Flatter tummy, slimmer limbs , lighter  after 8 cupping sessions !! Best of all , my menses cramps which hunted me for years was gone !
I had never thought that TCM cupping helps in weight management till I witness it myself . No need to go through hunger just eat right and eat well ,with cupping which helps to promote better metabolism and made it much easier to lose the extra weights . Wendy , the therapist is very patient and will go extra mile to Ensure i am on the right track to healthier life.

TCM for signature slimming


Girl with Yellow Sneakers

I started on this program after witnessing my friend's success in losing 6kg, which does not required her to intake any diet supplements tt some dieting programs will implement. One has to b mindful with diet to see weight loss. At times, dinner can just b very light with perhaps a soup or fruits n yet I do not feel hungry easily. And yes it does curb one's appetite after stopping the program bcos your body just get accustomed to the diet u hv been on. TCM Cupping therapy is truely worth trying!

TCM for signature slimming


Vase with Flowers

I had difficulties in losing weight once i reached 40. Tried taking diet supplements, going on crashed diet, working outs in the gym etc...with metabolism slowing down the result was slow and discouraging!

Started TCM cupping treatment with Wendy this June without much expectation because of past experiences. Amazingly I lost  6  Kg, 30cm body measurement within  10 sessions. Aside weight loss i was very pleased that my body measurement was also greatly reduced. My dress size is one size down!

Although this programme also restricts me from certain diet I was able to manage it with the help and support from Wendy. I was still able to enjoy a balanced yet healthy diet.

After 10 sessions of treatment, I was back to my usual diet (not binge eating) One month has passed there is no change in my weight. I am positive about this programme and will recommend it to anyone who wish to lose weight.

TCM for signature slimming



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